iXsenic: solving the industry’s dilemma

Over the last 20 years displays have become thinner and thinner, while screen size and resolution have continously been increased. Technological development continues as consumers push for higher resolutions (4K2K or even 8K4K) and larger display sizes, yet they are willing to pay only moderate prices.

The semiconductor material as part of the so-called thin film transistor (TFT) backplane has a big impact on the performance of the display. Currently used amorphous silicon does no longer fulfill the performance requirements while low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) is expensive and limited in size. IGZO is promising yet its production process is very challenging. All these technologies pose a serious dilemma to the industry, one that Evonik was keen to overcome.

Evonik has found a revolutionary way to solve the industry’s dilemma. We created the iXsenic technology by combining a liquid metal oxide ink with a solvent-based process.

On the one hand, the performance is perfect to drive high resolution LC and OLED displays and additionally iXsenic offers high homogeneity on large substrates. On the other hand, it offers cost advantages as the coating process does not require a vacuum environment resulting in easier processing and CAPEX savings.

In order to supply the complete package for TFT production in the future we are currently developing additional materials for dielectric, etch-stopping and passivation.