Technical expertise

We use state-of-the-art laboratories for the development of solution-processable electronic materials. Besides a wide range of equipment for synthesis, purification, analytics, and up-scaling, we run application tests and characterize these materials in a modern class 100/10,000 cleanroom.

Within the cleanroom, we are able to process glass substrates up to a size of Gen2 (400 x 500 mm). The lab is equipped with required facilities for processing and analysis of ultra-thin functional layers. The equipment includes:

  • Various printing & coating devices, including a gen2 slot-die coater

  • Ink-jet printing facilities

  • Mask aligner

  • Different tools for surface treatments (plasma, UV, IR, …)

  • Spectroscopic ellipsometer, profilometer

  • UV-VIS and IR spectrometer

  • Portable atomic force microscope

  • Tabletop electron microscope

  • Optical microscopes

  • Various set-ups for electrical testing


As part of a chemical company, we started early to improve our material screening capabilities. With automatic measurement systems, we are able to test TFT performances of up to 600 formulations per month, including bias-stress stability in a controlled environment.

Furthermore, the labs are fully environment-controlled, allowing to simulate customer conditions and to optimize materials for best performances on specific substrates.

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