Flexible displays

One dream of display manufacturers worldwide is to produce flexible displays. Such a display would allow for mobile devices to become smaller than the displays they contain. Just imagine unfolding a large display to share information with others in a convenient way!

Because of the use of flexible substrates and the flexibility of the display, such screens would be almost unbreakable. Besides being foldable, they also might be rollable like wallpaper, which would allow for never-before-seen layouts and designs – or even for completely new applications.

To realize the dream of such devices, the display industry needs new semiconductor solutions; but this presents challenges. On the one hand, deposition temperature must be low enough to be used on these substrates. On the other hand, the semiconductor must keep its features, such as high charge carrier mobility or spatial uniformity.

Evonik’s coatable semiconductor iXsenic S is available for low temperature applications while still showing excellent physical parameters. Bendability, too, has been demonstrated in flexible e-paper applications.

Tremendous flexibility in production processes results from the passivation material and the unique way of deposition by coating or printing of the iXsenic semiconductor. Compositions can easily be tuned to produce various applications tailored to meet the requirements specific to the semiconductor. Direct printing reduces the need for expensive patterning technologies, and even coating reduces the cost of display manufacturing significantly.