Printed electronics

The global interest in printed electronics is booming. It will soon become more and more a part of our lives as it has applications in consumer electronics, sports, health, medicine and fashion. Printed electronics is expected to facilitate widespread, low-cost and high-performance circuits for applications such as flexible displays, smart labels and RFID tags. The technology has huge potential but materials and equipment still have to be further developed and improved. Evonik cooperates closely with partners in the industry to develop printing technology and electronics and to create new printable materials for the customer’s needs.

To help our customers realize novel printed electronic applications, Evonik uses its expertise to develop new semiconductors, dielectrics and passivation inks with high-performance properties, especially in the characterization of new material in printed electronic devices. Much of our current work focuses on thin-film transistors (TFT) for OLED and LCD backplanes. In several projects we have also demonstrated RFID tags with our novel n-type metal-oxide semiconductor on PET and PI flexible plastic substrates.