Three questions to Prof. Ralf Anselmann, head of Electronic Solutions

Prof. Anselmann, what exactly do you see as the advantages of your new technology?

First of all, our coating technology is perfect to drive high-resolution LC and OLED displays. Vacuum environment is not required for coating. As a consequence, process costs and CAPEX are lower compared to traditional production processes like CVD or sputtering. Also our technology leads to high yields and excellent homogenous layers, even on large substrates. Due to their amorphous-like state, our materials exhibit a stable performance over the whole area. Since our new materials are suited for low process temperatures, the production of flexible displays is possible. And not to forget one more important feature: backplanes produced with our technology fit all frontplane technologies, meaning OLED, LCD or EPD.

CVD and sputtering are established technologies ā€“ why should customers take a risk and switch to coating?

Our technology is already working very well ā€“ Evonik has full trust in it and is continuously investing for its future growth. And again, the use of our technology has certain key advantages, including remarkable cost advantages compared to the established production technologies. The flat panel display market is a tough market. But Iā€™m sure that customers who are willing to try something new will be rewarded by having a unique selling proposition compared with their competitors.

What is your vision?

We believe that the industry will slowly transform into a printing industry. Coating is the first important logical step towards printing, and we know how to do it well. The future is in our pioneering hands.